Dr. Snehal Kumar

Licensed Psychologist

Counseling & Consulting Services in the New York City Area



My name is Dr. Snehal Kumar and I'm a New York State licensed Psychologist with a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. 

I view mental wellness as something we can work towards as individuals and in our organizations.

I offer culturally-attentive individual counseling to adults and consulting services to organizations in the New York City area. 



We all go through times of struggle, where we might feel stuck, experience loss, or struggle to make sense of difficult experiences. I view my role as a trained professional who will meet you where you are and help you identify what you need to build a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Therapeutic Style

My approach is client-centered, collaborative, flexible, and empathetic. 

I work primarily from a relational, integrative, and multicultural framework and often use techniques grounded in mindfulness  therapy. 

I work with adults and offer individual and group counseling services

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I specialize in helping people recover from burnout, face and make sense of difficult life transitions, and help individuals create more meaningful relationships, whether in the realm of dating, family, or friendships. 

As a therapist, I honor my clients’ different cultural and social identities. I have significant experience working with clients who are exploring the impact of societal norms on their experience and at times mental health. These norms might be related to gender expectations, race, class, religion, sexuality, or culture.


Mental Health in Higher Education


In the past decades, higher education has worked towards becoming more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of students. Many students who might benefit from individual counseling may struggle to get connected to services for reasons such as mental health stigma, scheduling due to work and family commitments, cultural mistrust, fear of being overpathologized, and concern about being misunderstood.

I have significant experience working within higher education mental health, where I have developed creative ways to increase campus wellness through initiatives that teach skills, reduce mental health stigma, and increase proactive help-seeking often outside of the traditional therapy room.

I offer consultative services to help your institution identify ways to maximize access based on the specific needs of your students and staff. 

Multicultural Competency


Multicultural competence can be anxiety-provoking because the “right” answer to questions on identities can differ based on time, people, and region.

Due to my training in anti-racism, LGB affirmative work, anti-sexism, and consultation, I am in the unique position of being able to access and integrate a broad range of knowledge while creating workshops on multicultural competence. 

I offer consulting and training workshops to help increase the confidence, knowledge, and humility required to navigate these important, difficult, and fluid discussions. 

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Mindfulness Groups and Workshops


Mindfulness can be helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and increasing attention, focus, and groundedness. The practice of mindfulness draws us to the present, which can be a difficult thing to achieve in our fast-paced world. 

In addition to using mindfulness in individual counseling, I take on a consulting role with organizations to help teams optimize their focus and awareness of the present. Mindfulness can go beyond meditation, and I help each person identify techniques best suited to them.

I offer single-event or series workshops on mindfulness that can help participants find adaptive ways to relieve stress, increase awareness, and bring focus in their everyday lives.